Meet the Taco Friends


Axel is a smart, funny and all-round nice guy! He loves playing guitar for his friends, and enjoys games and hiking. Sometimes Axel can be a little too calm, when everything around him might seem like it’s going crazy, Axel makes sure that nothing is too much of a problem for him to deal with. 


Coco loves reading! She is often found at the library reading a good book or sometimes writing her own stories. She has a great imagination and loves role-playing games with the other Taco Friends. If you find something Coco really likes talking about, she will never stop!


Super enthusiastic Luca is always looking for a new adventure! He wants to be a superhero, and knows how to show his friends what a cool cat he is. Luca appears to be the tough and energetic friend, but also has a quiet side. Sometimes he can be shy, but loves the company of the Taco Friends.


Dillan is “Mr. Fix-it”, he knows a lot of interesting things! The Friends really like it when he can help them solve a problem, and they always call on him when they need answers. Dillan enjoys spending time playing games, and often gets a message on his phone when the Friends need his help! Dillan is never short of surprises…so be ready!


What a great imagination Cacto has! When you talk to Cacto, he will tell you many stories about the great places he has been and all his interesting friends. Quite the musical enthusiast, Cacto loves his shakers and joins Axel sometimes in a band! Cacto loves day-dreaming and sometimes you’ll find him on his own having some quiet time, or otherwise getting organised to have his friends over for a party.


Javier is the best chilli friend ever! A hot chilli and sometimes grumpy, but always a great friend. Javier loves to entertain and really knows how to have a good time. He is always busy looking after his own little garden and loves learning about other vegetables. Some of Cacto’s friends get worried when he changes from green to red….but it’s ok, Javier will be fine!


There once was a cute little baby tomato called Tomas. He doesn’t say much, in fact he has only just learnt to say his own name! Tomas has a habit of getting himself into trouble, not because he is doing anything wrong, but because he is so small and is easily knocked about. The Taco Friends are always there to help Tomas, and love playing with him…and Tomas seems to enjoy the attention too!


One of the most loyal horses you will ever meet, Piña is hiding a sweet little surprise under her coat! She can be mistaken for being a little unapproachable, but that’s not the case at all…Piña just has a different way of showing her affection. She always wants to spend as much time with the Taco Friends as she can, and loves galloping in the field! …


This is one cunning Rat! Always scheming, but quite simple-minded! Ramirez continuously attempts to get to access to the lollies that Pina keeps. He is often stood on by people, but doesn’t really mind – it’s all in a day’s work trying to earn his loot.