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Tomas Tales

Our newest and the fun game ever! Your kids will love dressing Tomas the tomato in many wild and amazing costumes! An Aztec? Yes! A princess? Yes! A Snowboarder? Yes! He is the cutest tomato you’ll never eat and you can play the game for hours, unlocking new costumes and wonderful worlds as you go. Collect stars and get creative.


Taco Friends

Join the Taco Friends™ on their adventures! This fun kids game will have you dancing around as you play. Listen to Cacto & Axel’s catchy beats, while having fun and playing with the Taco Friends!

Meet all the Taco Friends characters in a fun world where adventure and exciting activities are what we love most! Join us, as we present three cool games for you to enjoy!


The action-packed joyride of Rush, will have you strapped to your very own Taco while you drive quickly down the street collecting all your friends. But watch out for the Donkey! Do your best collecting as many foods for your Taco as you possibly can. Don’t bump into anything bad though, or else you could drop your friend off the back!


Fill your taco as quick as you can before the food is tossed from the windows of the building! Whatever you do, don’t let the food splat on the ground! Show us how good you are by collecting just one or as many foods as you can at a time! Count them as you go, and when you’ve filled your taco you win!


In the mysterious wild west, help Cacto quickly spell a word while collecting foods when you play Fling. Tap on the letters to make a complete word and collect all the foods you can get your hands on! Watch out for the flying boots – where on earth did they come from? If you see colourful Piña the horse, make sure you collect! She has hundreds of lollies hiding under her colourful coat.