Created by Scott Thompson, founder of small Australian production studio Hybrid Image Pty Ltd, the Taco Friends is becoming one of the most loved internet cartoons! Suitable for kids aged from 3 up, the content is very mild and will entertain you as much as your kids! Tell all your friends about us, as we would love to be able to release new episodes all year-round. We can’t do that unless you support us, so please enjoy and help us out!

The Taco Friends are a happy and healthy bunch of friends that your kids will love to watch. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest episodes to hit our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/tacofriendsnetwork.

Best of all, the Taco Friends are out there for everyone to enjoy for free! We’d love to hear from you with comments and suggestions on what you would love to see. Who knows, we might not be able to resist your suggestions and end up creating a character that has a pet cat and dances with a palm leaf on her head if that’s what you think would be cool!

Get your kids involved in the Taco Friends’ healthy eating and fun activities. Join in with our votes and post us your kids best drawings of the Taco Friends characters! We are on all the social media websites, so get searching and find us as quick as you can

Enjoy Friends!